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WitchHunter Performance uses specialized equipment for fuel injector testing.

Our ASNU Fuel Injector Flow Testing and Cleaning Machines

The ASNU is pretty much the standard for injector servicing. They can test and flow up to eight injectors at once for accurate comparisons.

But as purchased, we found that they needed improvements. Pretty good just wasn't good enough.

We modify all our machines, these modifications depend on what injectors we we plan to test with that particular machine.

Some of our modifications include:
Improved injector drive circuitry, to mimic actual conditions.
Variable injector drive voltage for specialized customer requirements.
Variable pump voltage, for testing at a wider range of pressures.

AsnuAsnu Injector cleaning machine

Calibrated pressure guage

Digital Pressure Gauges

All of our test machines have accurate digital pressure gauges installed to give better consistency to our flow readings. Each of these are calibrated to 0.25%.
We also retained the dial type gauge to watch for fluctuations or any other abnormalities.

high flow injector pump

High Flow Pumps

This is a magnetically coupled, stainless steel pump that can deliver over twice the flow as the stock ASNU pump are on all our test machines They do a better job for the larger injectors.

Fuel injector flow testing adapters

Test Adapters

We invest heavily in injector test adapters, this allows us to service most all types of top and side feed gas injectors. What we can't buy, we will get custom made. You can't get good results without the right tools for the job.

Injector flow testing fluid

Injector Calibration Fluid

We only use a certified test fluid to get good flow results. Each batch has the analysis results on the label. This fluid is very stable and will not harm the internal seals of the injector.

We don't use Heptane, like most of other shops because it will give higher than gasoline flow results.

Our Custom Test Fluid Temperature Controller

This is our 3rd version, and was just put online in October 2012. it circulates the test fluid continuously from the test machines. The fluid is double filtered down to 2 microns, then heated or cooled as needed. We can keep the test fluid temperature stable within 1 degree F. This allows our measurements to be repeatable.

One of the advantages of having an owner that has worked as an electronic design engineer for over 20 years.

No other injector shop has anything like this, (to our knowledge).

testing injector calibration fluid

Checking the Specific Gravity of the fluid

We perform this test twice a week to verify the condition of the calibration fluid. When it falls out of spec, we change it.

Our Custom built High Flow testing machine

Designed specifically for large injectors flowing up to 2000 cc/min range.