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Fuel Injector Removal Instructions

Fuel injectors removal is easy on some engines and can be quite a task on others. Some are buried under the intake and not so easy. If you can see them... that's a good sign.

When removing fuel injectors, always relieve the fuel pressure in the fuel rail and be aware the gasoline is very flammable. Observe the necessary safety precautions and consult a service manual before proceeding.

Below are some pictures of how to remove fuel injectors from various vehicles. We have examples of the three main types of gasoline injectors. Hopefully, this will allow you to remove your injectors easily. The basics are the same for all vehicles.

GM LT-1 | Top-feed injectors

GM TBI | Throttle body injectors

SUBARU | Side-feed injectors

NEON | Top-feed injectors

Injector hose removal