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A comparison of various injector cleaning methods

In-the-tank cleaners


Least expensive, from $2 to more than $25. Easy to use, anyone can do it.


Possible harm to injectors, seals, O2 sensors, and catalytic converters due to the harsh chemicals. Some auto makers advise not to use these products, check your owners manual.

Can't identify leaking injectors, weak springs, a poor spray pattern, or any other problems.

No parts are replaced and you have no way of knowing what shape they are in.

A new filter is on the left, the other two are partially clogged and the screens are disintegrating causing the injectors to become plugged.
These filter baskets are not customer replaceable and should only be removed during cleaning. Using an injector without them installed will cause problems in a short time.

No way of accurately knowing if any or all the injectors have been cleaned correctly or how well each one is operating.


We do advise the use of a good cleaner, about twice a year (like Chevron's Techron) to help keep them clean after servicing.

On-the-car cleaning

This method is used by some dealers and quick oil change shops. A cleaning solution is forced into the fuel rail to clean the injectors while the engine is running.


Faster results than the in-the-tank method, due to using the undiluted cleaner. Good for cleaning the tops of intake valves.


Greatest risk of harm to injectors, seals, O2 sensors, and catalytic converters due to the higher concentration of harsh chemicals. This method can often dislodge particles that build up under the filter and allow them to clog the injector tip.
Many customers have sent us their injectors after this type of service was done because their engine ran worse afterwards. We were able to get them back to proper operation.

No parts are replaced, same as the method above.

More expensive, anywhere from $45 - $150+.

Professional off-the-car cleaning


Each of the injectors are tested for coil resistance, leaks, spray pattern, and flow rate. They are tested side-by-side for an accurate comparison.

Our ultrasonic cleaning solution is safe and biodegradable. The cleaning is primarily done by the ultrasonic energy and not by the solution itself, not harming the the injector's internal seals or coil windings.

New parts are installed such as; o-rings, filters, and pintle caps. These are usually getting brittle and are in need of replacing.

At $22 per injector, it's about the same cost as the on-the-car cleaning method.

You are provided with before and after cleaning test data.


Injectors have to be removed from the car and taken in or sent to an injector shop.

Costs more than a can of in-tank-cleaner.