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WitchHunter Performance can clean & test most all auto, marine, and motorcycle fuel injectors.

A look at a few of the many types of Fuel Injectors we service.

Bosch injector

Bosch top feed

Probably the most common type in use. Fuel goes in the top and exits out a single hole in the bottom. Most have a high impedance coil and uses a tapered needle (pintle) that seals into a tapered seat until energized.

Bosch top feed

New style, this one's out of a Mustang

New generation Bosch
Multec injector

GM Multec top feed

Rochester / Delphi

Most use a ball or plate that sits in a seat instead of a tapered pintle. Some have a single exit hole and others have many smaller holes to improve atomization.


Uses a disc and seat design. Fairly fast response times for it's large physical size.

Lucas injector
Delphi injector

Rochester / Delphi

New style


Honda & some marine

Shown with spacer and lower seal.

Keihin Honda injector
Denso injector

Denso top feed

late model


Shorter version, commonly used motorcycles and outboards. Also found in some WRX's.


This is out of a Lamborghini Diablo


Small in size, great for cramped spaces. Used in Edelbrock EFI systems and various motorcycles. Also made and sold by Marelli.

Edelbrock top feed injector


Late model

300ZX side feed


The fuel flows in the side thru the screen. These early versions are plagued with coil winding problems.

300ZX side feed
MR2 Side Feed injector

MR2 side feed


Another side feed that is small and flows a lot of fuel

GM TBI-700 side feed

Used on some smaller engines

GM TBI-700
Starion injector

Mitsubishi Starion throttle body type

This secondary injector flows 1050 cc's. Unfortunately they are very expensive and prone to external leaks.

GM throttle body injector

One or two of these are mounted where the carburetor used to be. Most all new vehicles have switched to multi- port injectors (one per cylinder).

GM TBI injector

Toyota cold start injector

Supplies extra fuel during start-up and while warming up.